Chatam Sofer Memorial

The Chatam Sofer Memorial

The Chatam Sofer Memorial in Bratislava is a unique Jewish heritage site – the sole remaining part of the centuries-old Jewish cemetery that was destroyed in 1943 when the nearby tunnel was constructed. Only the most important section, with 23 graves surrounding the Chatam Sofer’s tomb, was preserved as an underground compound. In 2000-2002, the whole site was redeveloped and the gravestones were restored. The architect Martin Kvasnica designed a striking new complex that adheres to the strict requirements of the halakhah (Jewish law) as well as to the highest standards of contemporary architecture.

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The Chatam Sofer Memorial is not a museum; it is a Jewish burial shrine erected over the graves of prominent rabbis and scholars who are highly esteemed by Jewish tradition. The memorial is often visited by Orthodox pilgrims from around the world; visitors are kindly requested to adopt modest dress while visiting. Men must not wear shorts, and they must keep their heads covered with a hat or cap. Women must not wear shorts, but preferably a long skirt or trousers and long sleeves.


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